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Connecting dental public health professionals all across Canada

The Canadian Association of Public Health Dentistry (CAPHD) is the national voice for dental public health in Canada that exists to support members, government, institutions and agencies who are dedicated to improving oral health and assuring oral health equity in Canadians.

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We are dedicated to improving oral health and assuring oral health equity for Canadians. Joining our organization comes with a wealth of benefits, discounts and resources.

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2023 Award Winner

The CAPHD Board of Directors is pleased announce two CAPHD award recipients for 2022: Lisette Dufour and Christophe Bedos.

2023 Scientific Abstracts Available

Roadmap to universal dental care in Canada

We believe there is a way that all Canadians could have access to dental care.

Support for COVID-19 workers

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Water fluoridation

CAPHD recommends community water fluoridation.

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Did you know?

Facts and information about dental health.

Did you know that oral health could affect more than just your mouth? It can affect your heart, baby’s birth-weight and your ability to control diabetes.

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CAPHD recommends community water fluoridation as a safe, effective and economical public health measure. The Canadian Public Health Association recognizes it as one of Canada's “12 Great Achievements in Public Health”.

Did you know that 32% of Canadians do not have dental insurance and that 17% of Canadians avoided visiting and dental professional because of the cost?

Source: CHMS-Dental Report 2007-2009

Oral health can cause people to lose their job or miss work?

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Did you know that if you cannot afford dental care, you could qualify for a government dental program?

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Did you know that oral health is affected by more than just brushing and flossing? Things like income, education, access to dental care and food security also affects oral health?

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